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Our live trading team delivers news for all those who want to make quick money from large or small investments. Trading news are based on different pairs. Bitcoin, USDT pairs are main focus. All our strategies are; to keep the whole community always a step ahead from market and keep them aware of always changing situations and trends in crypto market.

Crypto Signal App

Awesome Features

You can get all information from the app n Google Play store. It is free to download and you can use without paying a dime! Just a click and the door to crypto currency is open for you.

Crypto Signal App
  • Clean Design

    beautiful and simple user friendly design.

  • Signals

    The Short-term, Mid-term, Long-term Trading strategy.

  • Notification System

    Powerful automatic notification system.

  • News

    update some important crypto news about trend.

Crypto Signals

This App gives all the information of price lifts and drops, new coins and best notifications!

Crypto Signals App

You can easily find news and signals by categories with icons.

  • Signals
  • Crypto News
  • Result
  • Announcements

Let us guide you through the crypto world and find such things as the Best Crypto ICOs, monitor what the crypto market are doing and get the crypto news. .

  • Crypto News
  • ICOs News
  • Market Trends
  • Up Coming Events

A simple side menu where you can find favorite posts and manage notification system and more.

  • Favorite
  • Rate
  • Notifications
  • About

Very simple or understandable signal formats with buying rate or selling targets or stop loss.

  • Buying Rates
  • Selling Targets
  • Stop loss
  • Results

Crypto Signals

Receive instant alerts on your smartphone and you do not need to check every 5 minutes for the update.

Crypto Signals App
How to get Signals

The Play store (Google) and App Store (Apple) has this app free to download. Whatever amount of crypto currency, you like to trade, you can get all the information from this App Right under your tip, in your own Android mobile phone..

Amet Consectetur Adipisicing

This app not only gives you Signals but also ICO News, Old Analysis, and Announcement, Crypto News, Analysis Team and so many others.

How to On/Off notifications

You can manage notification from menu then click on notifactions and on/off by button.

Crypto Signals new Version

This App gives all the information of price lifts and drops, new coins and best notifications! It has improved compatibility with old devices. This App has Bugs fixed and Servers upgraded.

Crypto Signals demo video

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What's Under The Hood

Crypto Signals an app that helps to find anything related to crypto currency. Those who earn, looks, needs the latest new about crypto currencies, So this app gives you that service. Any question, any update, markets, prices, ups and downs, all under one little tip.


The Short-term, Mid-term, Long-term Trading strategy.


latest important news about crypto related.

Buying Targets

Signals with Simple BTC or USD Buying Target Price.

Selling Targets

Signals with Multiple BTC or USD Selling Targets Price.


Moslty signal post with stoploss price.

ICOs News

We monitor and analyze new ICOs and update on our app.

Clean Design

Crypto Signals app is very simple and well designed.


The alerts are completely free.

Pricing Cards

Pricing you just can't beat.





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Crypto Signals App

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