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BCC HardFork..!

Few information on #BCC hardfork coming on 15th nov. 

Few members sent personal messages to us whether they should hold till the news date or not...??

Here is our 1 cent on it 

So this coming hardfork of bcc will include 

• increase the block size to move towards an adaptive block size limit
• canonical transaction integration to help out scaling techs like graphene
• improvement of the difficulty adjustment algorithm
• reactivating of few disabled opcodes

These upgrades going to happen on the upcoming hardfork

A hard-fork doesn't always mean splitting a chain between two and few noobs think that we will get snapshot once they see a hardfork news 

Which makes me crazy 

First we should read the official document before investing in a certain project.....Right...??

Now, we won't say price will keep moving up crazy due to this news or neither it will stay at the current levels and will consolidate
As of now after the 9-10% jump on bcc/btc trading pair on exchanges, we saw the volume kept on going up 

Like till the last jump, the volume was around 3000 btc 
But now it's over 6000 btc. Between 12-14 hrs. Another 3000+ btc came in bcc market on binance

So we could say it may be accumulated by the big whales 
Remember whales accumulate coins when its in consolidated area

And see bcc chart, it's in consolidation zone

Yes, we could see a jump towards 0.08 levels
But if you wanna hold this coin then have stops set below 700 levels

Holding it while keeping a stop in place is a good idea
If the price moves up then you should keep updating your stop according to the increasing %

Hope this helps ‼ 



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