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QLC Trade Signal

#QLC Binance ‼ 

a Lot of Expectations from This Big Hidden Guys #QLC

Bcoz The Daily Charts as Well as The 4Hr. Charts Look Perfect at The Moment To Accumulate

Its Holding Strong Trend Line Support, Exactly Dipped To This Support and Now We See Reversal Candle

Also, Big Thing is #QLC Having 6 Big News Upcoming

1. NODE Features Release  
2. Smart Contract API Implementation (Strong News)
3. Ledger Interface Implementation (Another Strong News) 
4. Q4 Product Release 
5. Public Chain on MainNet Launch (Our Eyes on This) 
6. IPFS Integration (Good One) 

All are Verified News 

They Have 6 Big News Upcoming
We Will Hold Till This News Dates at least Till The Public Chain Release

Minimum Targets Would Be 40-50% 
Max Target Should Be 100-400% Till The News Date

Those Who Have Patience to Hodl Then Go On and Hodl

Buy Price 820 to 850 Satoshi
in Accumulation Zone

Selling Targets: 915 | 999 | 1080 | 1210
Till The News Date Targets: 1400 | 1800 | 2000+



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