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What is ETF ?

What is an ETF?


An ETF is an Exchange Traded Fund which owns assets like gold, stocks, or oil, and divides ownership of those assets into shares which are traded just like stocks. Most investors in ETFs are large Wall Street institutions with huge buying power such as banks and investment firms which trade ETF holdings on the conventional stock exchange.


What is a Bitcoin ETF?


The asset underlying a Bitcoin ETF is Bitcoin, and its shares can be traded by those same large Wall Street institutions, on the stock exchange just like traditional ETFs. However, the establishment of Bitcoin ETFs requires SEC approval.


The Effect of Bitcoin ETFs


The adoption of Bitcoin ETFs by large Wall Street institutions would be a clear indicator that big money would be invested in crypto markets. The impact is expected to be astronomical. While SEC approval is needed to approve Bitcoin ETFs, such approval would indirectly green-light mainstream investing in all cryptocurrencies, potentially driving huge market gains.


Upcoming SEC Decision


The tentative date for the SEC’s decision regarding the approval of Bitcoin ETFs is expected August 10, 2018. However, a 45 day extension, allowed by SEC rules, could push that date to September 24, 2018. While the SEC previously denied the approval of Bitcoin ETFs, citing a lack of regulation as reason for denial, the entry of large Banks and investment firms into the Bitcoin Futures Market in 2018 is widely believed to have positively impacted the SEC’s upcoming decision regarding Bitcoin ETFs.


Possibility of Approval? HIGH!


We believe that the possibility of SEC approval for Bitcoin ETFs is high. Should this happen, investors in cryptocurrency could see unrivaled market gains. The time to invest is now. Don’t be left out…and as always, Happy Trading!

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