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Stay strong and hold your positions.

Let’s face it: Recent Market is a mess right now. BTC ridiculously PLUMMETED just on ETF delayed decision date by SEC. 

First, WHAT THE HECK IS THIS ETF? This has gained Media attention recently. SEC has not cancelled it, they just said - they are going to decide it a little bit longer.

Is it such a DISASTER that people have started panicking and started running out of market - Come on, Does BTC really need only ETF as a confirmation for its Future. 

Its all about the technology and the idea behind this block-chain. This technology is so new that it has become a challenge to understand it fully then to implement and making sure that community at large is safe for using this going forward. 

Fear, Fear and Fear - Market has not performed well in last 7 months and there is a reason behind it. MARKET DID UNEXPECTEDLY Well end of 2017 and this is a reason, after such a bull run, it takes some time to recover. But this does not mean, people start ACTING NEGATIVELY for any BTC news. Its nearly a decade, BTC survived any attack and it will survive - The only people who are running out of market will be kicking their heads when they will see , the things have started moving. 

There is no reasonable reason for this panic. I think it is just a snow ball effect. PEOPLE COME ON, SEC will approve ETF (IF this is the decisive factor for you as guarantee that BTC has good future- which in my opinion, only a fraction of all good things about BTC).

Stay strong and hold your positions.

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